All about Hot and Penny Slots

All about Hot and Penny Slots

Hot slots online are any online slots game that has shown over a period of history to payout more money and more often. Many online slots casinos will feature their “hot slots” and let you know which ones are the highest performing. Below we list some very hot slots online, and bring you to the online slots review that features the particular hot slots game.

What really defines a hot slot? Many people have their opinions on what exactly constitutes a hot slot.. is it 98% payout percentages? Is it 99% payout percentages? Or is a hot slot defined by even lower percentages like 95%? The percentage that we are speaking of, if you didn’t know, is the total amount of money that an online slot machine pays out compared to what is put in the machine. Therefore, a slot that pays out 98% of the money that gets put into it, would be considered a hot slot because there is only a 2% chance that the machine will take your money, and therefore your chances of hitting a nice jackpot or strong win are greatly increased.

Online slot machine percentages are usually reported every month by the different online casinos. Some hot slots hunters go as far to only play on machines that show a payout percentage of over 100%! Now granted, a site or online slot machine with a over 100% percentage is definitely hot, but the number is misleading. The only way a slot machine or online slots site can show over a 100% payout percentage is if somebody hit a jackpot late in the month, meaning the machine lost money for the casino that month. Without a doubt though, some people are die hard believers that if a slot machine is hot, it will stay hot for a few jackpots in a row. The other side of that belief spectrum is that once a jackpot goes off on a slot machine, it will be an extended period of time before the slot gets hot again.

On this page we will list the hottest slots that are currently blazing up the online slots scene. We update this page weekly as new online hot slots machines and sites emerge from the crowd.

Penny Slots

Online Penny slots are slots that use 1 cent spins. The minimum bet on online penny slots is 1 penny but depending on that particular online penny slot’s max bet and lines combination, you could hypothetically bet a lot more than 1 cent on penny slots. Online penny slots are great for people who like to gamble for just a small amount of money, or who are possibly just low on cash at the moment. Some people like using online penny slots to test out a few different machines to get a feel for what online slots they want to up the limits on.


Can you still win good money on penny slots? Yes you can! There is still the possibility to win good money even though you are playing on the lowest denominator slots machines available. You can hit large jackpots depending on the machine, and the regular paylines are not too bad either, considering most of the time you are playing only a penny at  a time.


You load up your credits in the online penny slots and then choose bet or maximum bet. The “bet” button on penny slot machines will always produce a 1 cent or 1 pence bet and the maximum will be 1 penny x the amount of lines you are playing and also multiplied by the max number of coins.


Check out which online slots sites below feature penny slots on in their casino. Bookmark this page as we constantly update it with hot penny slot machines and online slots sites offering the 1 penny slots.