Cop Who Has a Pattern of Covering Up His Excessive Force Shoots and Kills Man Sleeping in a Car



This is the story of two men. One of those is a police officer who'd been formally disciplined for covering up his use of excessive force. One of them was a man who was sleeping in his car

The officer claimed that this young man had lunged at him with a toy gun and that the in response he shot him to death with a bullet to the brain. And Captain Light, and investigator, says point-blank that's a fabrication, period. 

Rocendo Arias was just 23 years old. Officer Gillette, who shot and killed him, went back to work, and of course, was not charged.

This didn't happen in Ferguson.
This didn't happen in Baltimore.
This wasn't New York or Los Angeles.

This is Yakima, Washington, and this type of incident unfortunately, isn't all that uncommon in Yakima.

A lot of people like to think Washington doesn't have the kinds of problems other places do. A lot of people are wrong. This incident happened in 2014 and until the family filed the law suit last week, we didn't know about it. The horrifying reality is we learn about incidents like this we didn't know about way too often because there are way too many of them. 

All of the victims are unique. Each story is different. However, the end is always the same. The officer is not charged because our law does not allow for it. Then the officer goes back to work as if nothing happened. A family is left broken, forever changed, because a loved one was taken from them.

Help us change this law, for those families, and for our children. Help us change this law because it's time for Washington State NOT to be worst in the nation for police accountability. 

Donate or volunteer now.

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