Join the Puyallup Tribe in Supporting I-873


The Puyallup Tribal Council has voted to endorse I-873 and generously donated $20,000 to Washington for Good Policing for the I-873 campaign. 

The Puyallup Tribe was intimately affected by police brutality on January 28, when a tribal member, 32-year-old Jackie Salyers, was brutally shot and killed by the Tacoma Police Department. Jackie was a beloved mother and daughter. Jackie is gone.

Police are killing Native American's at a higher rate than any other race.  Tribes know it. Native people everywhere know it. However, media rarely addresses this stark fact.

Following Jackie Salyer’s death, the organization Justice for Jackie was created. Justice for Jackie has been a vocal proponent for stronger police accountability laws and has worked closely with the I-873 campaign. The Puyallup Tribal Council who endorsed Justice for Jackie at inception has now endorsed I-873 to support policing reforms with an even larger and more powerful voice. 

The Puyallup Tribe stands firm in it’s commitment to safer communities for all. They believe that I-873 is a positive step in the right direction for rebuilding community trust with law enforcement. They are joining the I-873 campaign in their commitment to making Washington safer for citizens and law enforcement for generations to come.

Join the Puyallup Tribe in making history with I-873. It takes more than a village to make this kind of change. It takes an entire community standing up to the their part. 

Please donate or volunteer today.

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