Message from the Victim Families of I-873

“As family members of victims of police brutality, our lives are forever changed by events we had no control over. When a loved one is taken or has been forever changed, as the shock wears off the first thing you start to think about is justice. Each and every one of us have learned, in our state, in Washington State, justice will not come. The laws in Washington shield police officers absolutely.

In the last few months all of us, in our own ways, have been fighting to change that law by supporting Washington for Good Policing and I-873. We have stood on street corners collecting signatures. We have talked to the press, strangers, and friends and family. We are fighting daily to change this law and we aren’t doing it for ourselves. It won’t bring our loved ones back. Our efforts won’t restore our families. We are doing it so no other family will have to go through what we have.

Although I-873 did not get the signatures required, our efforts have been successful on a massive scale. Our intention was to get a bill in front of the legislature. That has happened. In fact, chances are high there will be more than one bill that addresses the language I-873 targeted. Additionally, we have raised awareness about this issue across the state and created a discussion in Washington that was desperately needed.

We are right where we thought we would be at this point in our fight. We are moving forward in the legislature to ensure that the “without malice and a good faith belief” clause is removed from our state’s statute that governs use of deadly force.

As a family group and as a larger community with Washington for Good Policing, we are moving forward unified, with a strong legislative agenda. We intend to ensure this law is changed in the 2017 legislative session.

We are asking for your support to get this done. We cannot fail. This is too important. Not just for us, but for everyone in Washington, especially our children. We are building a safer future for all of us. “ — the families of I-873

The Salyers, Earl, Rideout families, for Jackie

The Covarrubias family, for Daniel

The Fitch Family, for Samuel Toshiro Fitch

The Chaplin/Thompson family, Andre and Bryson

The Ayers family - for Cameron Ayers

Sylvia Sabon - for Oscar Perez-Giron

Noel Parish - for Joel Anthony Nelson


The I-873 campaign sponsored by Washington For Good Policing, was inspired by the 2010 law enforcement shooting of John T. Williams, but it is not about one singular incident or one person. It is about all of the survivors, families, and communities affected by this regressive state law that renders prosecution impossible.

Washington for Good Policing will be hosting a legislative fundraiser at Vermillion on Wednesday, Jan. 4 from 6–9 p.m. 

Reserve tickets here. Puyallup tribe member and survivor Chester Earl will share the story of his cousin, Jackie Salyers.  On Jan. 28, 2016, a Tacoma police officer shot and killed Puyallup tribe member Jackie Salyers. You will get to meet other family members of victims of police brutality. Their stories will change the way you think about police brutality. The citizen sponsor of I-873, Lisa Hayes, will also speak, announcing the official lobby day (Monday, Feb. 6) and outlining next steps for the movement and the legislative agenda.

This is an important event. Please come out to meet and support the victim families who are working so hard to change this law.

If you cannot attend, please volunteer or donate today. We are actively fundraising for our lobbyist for the legislative session. We will need your help in the coming weeks more than ever.

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