Not Everyone Can Protest, but Everyone Can Make a Difference


It tends to come in waves in the news feed. It seems to settle down for a few days, or even a couple of weeks. Then predictably, there is another shooting or incident involving the police and the news narrative shines a spotlight on what's really happening every single day in our country. 

I got the CNN alert this morning to expect riots in Chicago over a newly released video of a shooting there. Every time I see a photo of Korryn Gaines' five-year-old in my Facebook feed, I find myself having to choke back tears. It's brutal. In the next few days, undoubtedly we will see more protests and potentially more riots.

A lot of people can't protest. Maybe they don't have time. Maybe they don't believe protesting is appropriate or even matters. Maybe they just don't feel safe or able to be in crowds that way. A lot of people, a lot of places feel powerless to do anything at all because protesting is all there is. 

In Washington state, everyone can be a part of a solution. You can take a stand without taking the streets.  

We are doing something revolutionary in Washington. We will be the first state in the Country to put policing laws in the hands of the people. This is a huge undertaking. We need your help.

We need you to donate. The cost of a campaign like this is astronomical. This is the kind of issue that big dollar funders tend to steer away from because it's "controversial". Your donations are fueling this movement. We know you are being bombarded with political emails asking for money. However, money donated here will stay where you live and have a direct and immediate impact in your community.

We also need volunteers. We are getting much more organized with putting our volunteers to work. Time is the most precious resource of all, so if you can share some, we can put you to work.

There is an emotional toll to seeing injustice and not doing anything about it. We are in a very unique position to be doing something remarkable. You are a part of our movement. 

Volunteer or donate today.

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