The Emotional Toll of Inaction


Police brutality and a breakdown in police relations isn't exactly a local issue. It's happening everywhere. This problem has become a part of the landscape nationally and that's not something anyone is proud of. However, I-873 is a very local race. It's a Washington campaign. We are making history in Washington by being the first state in the nation to put policing laws in the hands of the people. 

A lot of smart political folks have questioned the logic of a task this large in a Presidental election year. Inboxes are flooded daily with emails from candidates. A lot of people have election fatigue. People are overwhelmed with rhetoric. 

We are doing it now because NOW is the time to get this done. There is never a perfect time to do a hard thing. We can't wait for another legislative session, committee, or death. We are doing it now for our children.

When you're reading the headlines, bombarded by the stories, and overwhelmed with the magnitude of this problem, make no mistake, there is an emotional toll for inaction. Not doing anything when something needs to be done is in itself exhausting. It's emotionally painful to sit idly by even when it feels comfortable. None of us are really numb to the pain in our nation and our state.

I-873 is a positive and proactive way to advocate for change. There are so many ways to get involved where you can be a part of the change we know we need. Donate or volunteer today here: .

We are currently recruiting Local Leaders who are willing to gather signatures and organize in their own neighborhoods.  
There are some fun events this weekend in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia where we need signature gatherers.
If you'd like to join the team and get involved email:

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