They Say It Can't Be Done. We're Proving Them Wrong

A lot of people have said it can't be done. A state-wide initiative is a massive undertaking. However, it may be the only way to get real, impactful, common sense changes to our policing laws on the books, so it has to be possible. Working together we're making it possible.

Let's be clear from the start. We aren't saying all Law Enforcement Officers are bad. Almost every one of us has had to pick up the phone to dial 911 and been thankful to see a patrol car pull up. So, yes, most officers are good people, doing the best they can, just like most people, are good, doing the best they can. However, when a regular person breaks the law, they should be held accountable. Just the same when an officer crosses a line in a deadly force incident, they should also be held accountable. However, in our state, that is virtually impossible. Prosecutors from around Washington have cited the "malice clause" as the reason officers are shielded by the law.

That is the reason this law must be changed. 
No one should be above the law, especially those who are entrusted with upholding it. 

So, yes, a statewide initiative might feel like the long way around. However, isn't it time the people took their laws back?? This statue has been in place in our state since 1986. It's 2016 and according to Amnesty International, we still have the most egregious law in the nation when it comes to officer accountibility. It's time for change.

We need to collect almost 250,000 signatures to make I-873 a reality. That is going to require an army of human power out there on the streets gathering signatures. We're talking thousands of hours and millions of dollars. However, the price will be worth it because we are making history in Washington State. We all know history rarely happens without a price. 

How can you help? Volunteer or donate. When we're working together, even the most massive undertaking is doable. We need you to make history.


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