This is the Most Important Week Yet in Our Fight for Police Reform in Washington State


It's hard to have conversations with anyone right now that don't drift in the direction of the state of the nation and our new President. Last week was a terrifying week for many people, for many reasons. However, good things are happening this week in our state and our work on police reform is more important than it's ever been for reasons that are very obvious.

We have two bills that are getting hearings this week. They are twin bills, a house version and a senate version. If you can attending these hearings in person we need bodies at the hearing to show support. It makes a huge difference. If you can come, please wear a purple tie, ribbon, or scarf to show solidarity. 

Whether you can come or not, please contact the committee members and let them know you support these bills. 

Tuesday at 1:30 is the hearing for HB 1529, John L. Obrien Building
Thursday at 10:30 is the hearing for SB 5073, Hearing room TBD, Cherberg Building

House Public Safety Chair & Committee Members




Goodman, Roger (D)


436B Legislative Building

(360) 786-7878

Pellicciotti, Mike (D)

Vice Chair

304 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7898

Klippert, Brad (R)

Ranking Minority Member

122A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7882

Hayes, Dave (R)

Asst Ranking Minority Member

467 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7914

Appleton, Sherry (D)

132F Legislative Building

(360) 786-7934

Chapman, Mike (D)

132B Legislative Building

(360) 786-7916

Griffey, Dan (R)

410 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7966

Holy, Jeff (R)

405 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7962

Orwall, Tina (D)

326 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7834

Pettigrew, Eric (D)

434B Legislative Building

(360) 786-7838

Van Werven, Luanne (R)

419 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7980


Senate Law & Justice Chair & Committee Members




Padden, Mike (R)


106 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7606

O'Ban, Steve (R)

Vice Chair

102 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7654

Pedersen, Jamie (D)

Ranking Minority Member

235 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7628

Angel, Jan (R)

203 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7650

Darneille, Jeannie (D)

237 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7652

Frockt, David (D)

227 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7690

Wilson, Lynda (R)

110 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7632

We are also preparing for our Lobby Day February 6.  You can get more information and register HERE. Lobby Day's are fun. It's a great way to meet people and get involved. It's also a unique opportunity to meet legislators who will be key in moving our effort forward.

Our lobbying effort is critical. This legislative session is proving to be a traffic jam of policing related bills. Aside from these two bills, pro-police advocates are pushing their own bills in the legislature this session. Some we support. Others we are strongly opposed to. We support legislation that would make it easier to collect data about police shootings, improve training for officers, and provide officers with more non-lethal alternative to deadly force. We strongly oppose any of the "blue lives matter" bills that would put police officers in a protected class. 

We need your support in person, on the phones, via email, and we need your financial support. We are raising money to pay for our lobbying efforts to ensure we end up getting where we need to be in this flurry of bills and the highly emotionally charged atmosphere that surrounds them. 

We have work to do in Washington. We are getting it done. You've never been more important in this process than you are this week.

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