Update on the I-873 Campaign

We are literally in the last few days of the signature gathering portion of our campaign. Despite what you may have heard, we are still counting, and signatures are pouring in every day. It's a long shot that we will make the required 250,000 signatures for this portion of the campaign. However, until the last moment we have we are going to continue to fight for those signatures. 

If you're sitting on petitions you haven't returned, please send them today:
Washington for Good Policing
PO Box 2365
Shelton, WA 98584

The important thing to know about this campaign is the signature gathering phase, is just that. It's phase one. 

Phase two of our campaign has always been the legislative effort. 

I-873 is an initiative to the legislature. The goal was to get a bill on the table in Olympia. That goal has already been accomplished. Due to the efforts of the Washington State Task Force on the Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing, and the massive amount of pressure our efforts through the initiative have created, there are already multiple bills regarding this issue that have been filed. There will likely be other bills to follow in the next few days and weeks.

So, no matter what, our campaign is still on track. The next thing we need to do is promote our legislative agenda in Olympia. As you probably know, a similar bill failed in the last legislative session. So, it is critically important that we fund a strong lobbying effort to ensure we get the police accountability that is required in our state. 

Washington State is dead last in the nation when it comes to police accountability laws. In all of the discussions, with all of the different opinions and perspectives, that is the one thing everyone agrees on. That's not acceptable. Failure is not an option.

We need your help now more than ever. We are in the process of funding our lobbying efforts for this legislative session. The I-873 campaign has always been the People's Initiative. It's been driven and funded one person at a time. We've never needed you more than we do today.


In the coming days and weeks, you'll be hearing a lot more from us about how to get involved in this portion of the campaign. The most important thing to know if the December 30th deadline for signatures is simply a transition point in the campaign. 

We will fight until we win. 

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