What the Task Force's Recommendations Mean for I-873


Last week a state task force voted to recommend changes to the state law that shields law enforcement officers from prosecution after killing people. A lot of people are wondering what that means for I-873 and our efforts to amend the law through an initiative. 

The first thing it means is a panel of Washington State's experts on community and policing agree with what we are trying to accomplish. The bi-partisan task force recommended removing malice from the statute entirely. They also recommended redefining "good faith" which was an element strongly supported by prosecutors working on the task force. The task force also made several other substantive recommendations revolving around training and supporting officers to be better equipt to do their jobs. 

The work of the task force and all if it's members is historic. It's admirable. They were up against very difficult odds because by design the panel was split to provide diverse community and law enforcement expertise. We are grateful for the work they did. 

However, nothing changes for us. There is no guarantee the task force's recommendations will be acted upon in the legislature. A similar effort failed in the legislature last year. Most certainly, the credibility of the task force and it's members will bring a lot more influence to the effort to make changes to the law through a legislative effort. However, we feel now the way we always have: 

Until this law is changed we must take every available approach to getting the policing reform that is required in our state. Every day as people continue to sign I-873, we are hearing the citizens of Washington speak loud and clear. Now a panel of experts from around the state agree. Until this is done we will pursue every angle and course of action to get this law changed. 
Our mission is the same as it always has been. We intend to put policing laws in the hands of the voters in Washington State. We will continue to work towards that end unless the legislature takes action before we do.

We are entering the final month of our window to collect the signatures we need. People are asking every day where we are at with that signature count. The answer remains the same. We are behind, but we are still in the game. Your support has never been more important than it is now.

Please donate or volunteer today.

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